"I'm Just a present between past and Future

About the Past: A word of my writings can reveal a lot to you!

As for Future: I'm just dreaming of a day which is not coming yet!

I just don't know when & where?!
& Sometimes I don't know the way which I should go through!

But, in all the ways I still have a hope! which always links me to the future!"


Born in Egypt 3rd of April 1984
Have three family members: my mother & two kids; Samir [son] & Celina [daughter]


There’re some words inside me, which I really want to reveal, but I really couldn't, as I don’t want to be a reason for any kind of hatred or possible human stupidity! In my lifetime & after, I wish people to live in peace, which I really never felt in my all lifetime! Yes, I have courage enough to face everything, but as a believer, no one sure about what would happen tomorrow! that's why the desire of human drives to talk, to reveal, Today I'm facing death and survive, tomorrow it couldn't be the same! It's some kind of that feeling, of which is not related to you yourself, but it's about what you believe! What you always lived to achieve! May, it's about what people will know about your life, yours continues fights! It's something about the truth, which if I died it could die with me!! And that's the question that is always in me, inside! But I think it could be enough when saying that I never been on the dark side, and all my fights are because I always insist to be in the good clear side! Fighting for just simple human rights! and I never give up!

I believe that there are some duties which are really important more than us ourselves, more than what could people know about us! I do all that I can for what I believe, just to live as human, with just normal human rights, no more, but it seems so hard, in a world which never belongs to our humanity, which supposed to be created in all of us inside, as a father, when most of my fighting to just survive! I'm thinking Not only for my life or my thoughts but at least as any normal living creature, for my responsibility to keep new young humans keep going, safe, building a new hope created of me, that could continue when I stop & the end is coming! Sometimes, because of them, I'm deciding to stop the fight! And I'm asking myself, how many times I'm facing death! And why to continue and what for!! every day I sleep I know that it possibly there will be no tomorrow! And when tomorrow is coming, and I, still alive! then, I have to be prepared for a new fight!!!

My life has never been easy, at the same time it never looks for others like what it really looks in real! it's like a hidden world, hidden struggling, invisible cold fights!

From my life experience, I advise all to never give up fighting for your rights, never surrender to the evil, fight till the end, don't care about what others think about you, or what they trying to make you believe about yourself, you can, you can be yourself the person that you believe, you can achieve your goals, claim your rights, you can beat all the obstacles, that frozen your move, believe me, If they do not believe in you, they will not fight you. nothing is really important more than to be yourself, to be human. if they fight you for a change, fight strongly as  more as you can, do not be afraid, what could you lose, more than losing your humanity, yourself?! you came to the life as a visitor for short stay journey! make it really valuable! do not let them deceive you with their fake world and pretended achievements, we are not immortals, think about it! the real value is the only achievements! they cheated themselves before you, so do not be fake! be real! be different! be the change that you want! if you can't see it in them! just be yourself! Do not fear of anything! and while they're looking to the death as the most horrible crisis, look to it as a new start to a real world, just a transitional step! Nothing can make you afraid, nothing can stop you! even if you afraid of your ideas, then I'm telling you, ideas do not die! ideas are immortal, believe in it, what you're doing now, what you are willing to do, will be done & will continue after you! you don't own your idea, it owns you!
Be Strong, fight till the end, just be yourself, and this is the greatest achievement that you could do! I'm saying that you're not immortal, but the definite truth is that “you are”! by your idea!! be strong, be yourself, work hard, in all the ways you're the winner!

PORTO March 29, 2018