My future goal is in the results of being:  a Researcher in “Brain & Mind Sciences” *
*as the world knows at this moment!
These results will be reflected in my Writings, Researches & created Ideas & devices…
To Reach this point; I have minimally 10 years Program -Started 2012- of studying in Philosophy, Psychology, Engineering, Science, Medicine & Biotechnology.

EHS, Electro Human Science, the 1st name for the new science branch that I’m willing to establish in the future, Relating to Brain & Mind Sciences, a big result of all.

Finally, one of my hopes has not been less important ever than any other I have, it is to be able to make a true active project for Children all over the world, to truly save & build these future minds as it should be, humanly before educationally.


Actually, I’m going through most exists tracks, trying to find that link between all which can help my goal, truly that’s a goal itself!
In that long journey, there is no doubt that among all I’ll find myself...and in fact, that's another goal itself too, the most important one.

In 2002 I created an International academic project & made a complete educational structure for building a universal university placed in Egypt, which its priorities go to study different cultures, languages & most of sciences branches as one science -in a way to uniting the sciences- with new and unique educational strategies, unfortunately country conditions did not allow this at that time & I still have a hope to establish it one day in the future. Because of this project, I got a scholarship offer from Sorbonne University within very short time, after fails to establish it in Egypt.

In 2010 I thought & Tried More and more to find one way to go through - just searching for the right way -, but actually that was impossible because I’m caring of various branches of sciences, in spite of the fact that I see all as one, but that is just my only vision! So, I created a private way for me to begin gradually by one branch then to be followed by another, and during that, I'll work on linking all together.
I began with Medicine (General Medicine) but quickly
I discovered that it’ll take 6 full busy years in that time, which will really waste my all time, also will prevent me from doing my researches, also my career then wasn’t allowed me to have such this time, as I was managing a business institution, So I had to change the plan all.

In 2011 I established DB Neuro my own business company, which will be completely suitable for all my profession and educational plans, DB neuro built on my visions to support my plans. That was a good important step for just the beginning.

In 2012 I Created my long-term future plan, which will extend to 2022 (10 years)

In 2012 Also, I began my study in Philosophy at Cairo University, and I began to Work on some specific researches which supports my vision, also working on publishing some related books which say more about my future vision.

In 2012 Also, I introduced a new academic/ Educational program to study Brian sciences together with Mind Sciences in one track of educational program and to do researches that relating to both Brain & Mind sciences in one single work.

In 2015 Brain & Mind Sciences became a basic project of my main plan.

Now I’m still moving through my 10 years plan; Studying, Researching and Writing. Managing all, find, fix and suggest related projects.
Also I’m trying to support all with business managing institution which I founded specifically for that.